Public Health International (PHI) has recently initiated a project which will provide for a public health program to attack and control cervical cancer among the rural populations surrounding Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The region is experiencing 180,000 deaths annually due to cervical cancer.   These cases constitute 23 percent of the patient service base of the Santa Cruz Ontological Hospital.   These deaths resulted because  local health resources are unable to provide adequate education, screening and diagnostic services.

The project incorporates a vigorous health education element  to convince women of the need for regular free health examinations.  In addition, essential equipment will be provided to process Pap Smears and the follow-up for abnormal test results including biopsies.  A colposcope, its video interpreter, a GYN examination table, and essential clinical training and support will be provided the hospital. 

This system of testing an evaluation will assure early life-saving detection and treatment for the women of Santa Cruz, and is expected to save thousands of lives for many years to come.