Public Health International (PHI) has been working at the invitation of the Siberia, Russia government since 1996.  PHI’s credentials in infrastructure development and community organization and education led to requests to develop occupational training programs at the Prerstok Drug Rehabilitation Center in Angarsk. 

PHI service expanded to establishing  English language and computer training courses at the Lyceum University for advanced students in Irkutsk.  In addition, PHI was invited to establish a safe water system and special education and occupational training at the Usa-Baley Orphanage for disabled children. 

A key objective of the Siberian government has been the development of extraordinary leisure and travel destination opportunities offered along the shores of Lake Bailal.  A trail along the perimeter of the lake required installation of latrines and garbage collection and disposal systems to protect the environment and visitors, for which PHI was commissioned to design and manage installation.

These projects have resulted in a strong working relationship with Irkusk and other Siberian cities who have shown themselves to be exceptionally dependable partners.