Training Center

Public Health International, because of the tremendous success of its public and environmental health-training model in Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua and Honduras, is constructing a permanent training facility in the village of San Antonio, Ecuador. 

PHI’s training facility in Ecuador will address the public and environmental health training needs of all PHI projects and affiliated projects in Central and South America.

PHI’s training center will provide:

  • Office space for PHI indigenous staff in Ecuador.
  • A central location for the on-going public and environmental health training for existing and new project villages in Ecuador.
  • A site where existing and future project villages can send their health committee members to receive extended training in public and environmental health applications.
  • A location where the local university (University of Santa Elena) and other educational institutions in Ecuador can introduce new and diverse subjects to project villages.
  • A location where PHI personnel from project villages throughout Central and South America can come for training and hands-on experience in villages applying the techniques studied during the classroom training.


    PHI volunteer Ted Zacher and Country Program Director Rosario Rubio supervising the construction of the public health training center in San Antonio, Ecuador.

    Classroom training is essential to the long-term success of any public health program.  Above is an Ecuadorian PHI staff educator, Edith Rubio, teaching at the PHI office in Manglaralto, Ecuador.