PHI includes public health education in each of its project village schools.  Our experience has shown that one of the best ways to encourage parents to become involved in public health education is through the involvement of their children.

PHI provides intensive public health training to all indigenous staff, who then provide free basic pubic health classes in all project village primary schools.

With schoolbooks, PHI teaches basic public health in all project schools.  Here a young girl practices basic hand washing techniques in Pueblo Nuevo, Ecuador, 2002.

PHI believes that exercise is an essential part of any public health program.  PHI, therefore, provides the materials for the construction of playground equipment, balls for soccer, jumping ropes and related playground items to all of its project village schools.

PHI provides playground equipment at project schools to insure the proper development of the body along with the mind.

As an extension of its public health educational program, PHI provides schoolbooks in all required subjects for grades 1-6 in all of its project villages.